Texas wildflowers blooming where they are planted

Bloom wherever you're planted to market your business to the world with a little help from me. Go ahead and click here now if you want to understand exactly what a blog is and why everyone says you need one for your business.


Your blog is where people see you and get to know you online, as quickly and easily as meeting you in your place of business and having a conversation.

You can set up your blog to allow other people to comment or not. That is your choice. My business clients find that by not allowing comments they control the content of their blog as well as keep the focus on their business.

If you choose to allow comments on your blog you have the ability to control which comments are published to the blog and which are deleted.

That process is called moderation, and it requires the attention of a moderator to screen the comments. You can moderate the comments yourself or delegate that job to me.